Insta-breasts, or Vacation Breasts,  is a technique where saline solution is placed in breast tissue through injection. It provides extremely short term breast volume enhancement, lasting about 24 hours or less. Dr Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon in New York City pioneered the procedure and offers them at a cost of $2500. Plastic surgeons use this technique (similar to tumescent infiltration of fluid when performing liposuction) and see a temporary swelling of soft tissue. There are several problems with this approach, however. The most obvious is the extremely transient nature of the procedure at 24 hours and even that is probably pushing it. Will the breasts be soft and natural appearing? Probably not. And your body may absorb the fluid unevenly leaving you suddenly uneven and perhaps rapidly shrinking. Imagine getting your Insta-breasts for a special event where you want to wear a sexy low cut dress. Now, picture the embarrassment when one breast deflates before the other. I can not imagine that a heavily injected breast would feel “normal,” either. The breast is made up of fat and glandular elements. The fatty component may accept the fluid more readily than the denser glandular elements resulting in a distorted appearing breast.

There are risks of any procedure- a blood vessel may be injured resulting in bruising or hematoma and the breasts might feel very firm and unnatural. The cost of the procedure alone seems to be prohibitive for most patients. I can’t think of any procedure that a plastic surgeon performs that only lasts 24 hours. Even Botox lasts 3 months!

Dr Rowe is apparently working on a technique to make them last longer by adding a solution to the saline that will stay in the tissue longer. This might allow you to enjoy your temporary cleavage for up to week and thus  have been termed “vacation breasts.” Again, with slower absorption will you gradually shrink so by the end of the day your bikini top no longer fits? Although the procedure was originally designed to allow you to try on your new breasts before committing to an implant, there are plenty of other ways to see what you might look like including sizers and 3D photographic imaging. Think twice before considering this gimmick. It may provide amusement to look bigger in your bra for a short period but is worth the discomfort and cost?


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