PRF Injections and Microneedling

Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) harnesses the power of your body’s own platelets and growth factors to stimulate tissue regeneration and promote a youthful, radiant complexion. PRF is a natural and minimally invasive treatment used to improve skin texture, correct sun damage, brighten the under eyes, promote hair restoration, and reduce the appearance of scars. At Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center, our skilled nurse injectors utilize the ezPRF system and offer both PRF microneedling and injections.

Benefits of ezPRF include:

  • A lower-speed centrifuge process that captures more platelets.
  • Immediate results with PRF gel, as opposed to waiting months with PRP.
  • Inclusion of leukocytes and mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Formation of a fibrin scaffold due to the absence of anticoagulants, facilitating controlled growth factor release.
  • A higher concentration of platelets and cells, making ezPRF a superior choice.
  • With ezPRF injections, anticipate enhanced skin texture, reduced lines, and a youthful glow. It also combats early hair loss, revitalizing dormant hair follicles for thicker hair.