A pleasure to work with Dr. Highs group

Kelly P.

Dr. P is great. He is very personable and down to earth. He does amazing work.

Ashley B.

Doctors & Nurses are Excellent!

Roman K.

Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Nurse Linda helped me a lot.

Jan P.

Dr. High is absolutely an amazing doctor. Very thorough, bedside manner is excellent, he cares about his patient’s and has been there every step of the way during my breast cancer. He explains things very detailed and makes sure you understand.

Theresa T.

Impressed with the relaxed atmosphere and the welcoming staff. I thought all the interactions pointed to me being the only patient for the entire day. Tina rocks!

Emma V.

The Plastic Surgery Center is highly recommended. Also had an excellent experience at the adjoining MedSpa, both having a very professional staff and outstanding support. Highly recommended for anyone, women or men, who want to correct and improve their appearance.

Grayson T.

Dr. High is amazing. I feel truly gorgeous. I had great results with zero complications. Staff is friendly, efficient, accommodating, and discrete. Highly Recommend!

Jessi B.

Great experience here! Raleigh Plastic Surgery has a great patient care coordinator, Catherine who is sure to help you any way she can

Annie C.

Dr. High and his staff are wonderful! I would recommend them to anyone. I have nothing but positive things to say about this excellent team!

Brooke W.

Dr. Adam Purzycki is the guy to go to! I would not choose any other place to have a procedure done. Both the staff and Dr. Purzycki were extremely professional and made the process super simple!

Antonio S.

They showed real concern for me. Did a wonderful job with my surgery. Called to check on me when I went home. Every one there are wonderful caring people. I highly recommend them.

Linda H.

I recently had a breast reduction with Raleigh Plastic Surgery and had the pleasure of working with Veronica on getting my procedure covered through insurance. She was prompt and informative, she gave me clear instructions on what was needed and when the time came to submit to my insurance she did not delay. I would recommend Veronica and Raleigh Plastic Surgery to anyone seeking a reduction and looking to be covered by insurance


I had a peel done by Katie today. This was my first time and I was nervous. Not only that, I’m terribly insecure about the issues with which I’ve been dealing. She put me totally at ease, gave me hope and a strict regimen to follow (that she even wrote down for me since I have memory issues.). At the end of my visit I was also given samples to help me take care of my skin for maybe a week. By the time I run out I hope to be in a place to purchase my own skin care products – through them. But I’m leaving feeling hopeful. I haven’t felt that in years. You just can’t put a price on that! Thank you Katie for your professionalism, knowledge, and clear, concise instructions. You’re appreciated. And thank you, from my soul to my Sissy, Tammy, for the gift that enabled me to be here today. It’s a start. A start I deeply needed. To all reading this, I’d definitely give this place a chance.


I have had a “mini” tummy tuck by Dr. High. I have wanted to have this procedure for years now and finally decided to go for it when I met Dr. High and the staff at Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center.

Everyone has been kind, caring, and helpful.

I am pleased with my experience thus far and look forward to seeing my final results once I heal over the next few weeks/months.

The pricing was competitive and Dr. High’s professional experience along with portfolio helped me feel confident in choosing him as my surgeon.

Update: So nearly 1 month and a half later and I am absolutely in LOVE with my results already. Thank you for the amazing experience and results. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Natascia E.

I am very happy with Dr. High. He did my Abdominoplasty and blepharoplasty about two months ago (June 2018). All the ladies in my family go to Dr. High for anything and everything (Breast lifts, breast reduction, fillers, TT). I can’t say enough enough about him. He’s very patient with me. I can ask him a million questions and he’s always willing to help. He has never been rude or demeaning toward me at all. His staff always tries to accommodate for me being that I travel often. I think their pricing is reasonable compared to what I’ve seen in the upper East. I went to about 6 different doctors before finally making a decision. I don’t regret going to him. and his team. And I have to say, he did a great job with my incision. I’ve seen some really sloppy work on some other people. He did mine perfectly.

I’d also like to give Kudos to Dr. Mertz (Anesthesiologist). The day of surgery I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing or not and I was extremely nervous. Dr. Mertz was so comforting. Thank you Dr. High, Michelle, Catherine, Dr. Mertz and the rest of the RPS staff! I truly welcome your southern hospitality. Your NY/NJ girl.

Erika P.

This is going to sound so cliche but Dr. High literally changed my life. I was about to turn 50 (I don’t look my age) and my dream was to celebrate my 50th in Aruba and be able to wear a bikini again. Pregnancies had left me with excessive skin so I wanted a tummy tuck. In August of 2022 I had my procedure. I contemplated going to Miami but in the end I chose to stay locally. I’m so glad I did because the aftercare I received and scheduled check-ups were greatly appreciated. Dr. High, the anesthesiologist, and nursing staff were great. Dr. High was very honest about the results I could expect. I had stretch marks over my entire midsection and now it’s just a few around my new navel. My incision scar scared me at first but I was trusting the process. It healed nicely into a perfectly shaped bikini line scar. I do plan on covering it with a tattoo later on down the road but my bikini bottoms hide it just fine. My stomach is flat and smooth. No more fupa. I told my fiance I had to have one ‘hot girl summer” to wear all the form fitting clothes I didn’t feel comfortable in before. The way clothes fit me now, it’s like I’m a new person. I love my results. I literally cried the day I tried on one of the bikini’s I purchased for my trip. It really is life changing. So thanks to Dr. High I will be enjoying myself in Aruba at Soulbeach fest 2023 in my bikini. I can’t thank him enough.

Nina J.