Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover is not a name for a procedure in and of itself. It is simply a term used to signify a combination of a breast and body contouring surgery which are performed in the same operation. The idea is that these procedures will address the after effects of childbearing; such as, loose abdominal skin, stretch marks, and sagging, deflated breasts. Generally, a Mommy Makeover procedure involves a combination of breast surgery and abdominal surgery. The surgeries can range from Breast Reduction to Breast Augmentation to a Breast Lift, and usually combined with an Abdominoplasty and/or Liposuction.

We recommend that this procedure be performed after all planned childbearing has occurred. Sometimes patients who have lost significant weight will elect to have the procedure even if they anticipate having children in the future, but they should expect this to occur at least 2 years later.