Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Lift?

If you are dissatisfied with the existing condition of your breasts, you may be a suitable candidate for a breast lift. This technique is appropriate for nonsmoking people in good mental and physical condition. The detrimental effects of smoking on skin health lengthen the healing process. Before surgery, smokers should stop at least two weeks in advance.

If lack of fullness and cleavage is an issue, a breast lift and augmentation combo may be the best solution. A breast lift with implants, often known as a breast augmentation with lift, may restore volume while simultaneously raising sagging breasts. This surgery has just one required recovery time. A breast lift without implants is nevertheless very effective if sagging is the sole concern.

How Is Mastopexy Carried Out?

The administration of anesthetic ensures the patient’s comfort. General anesthesia is used for this procedure.

Following this, incisions are created. The precise incision location for a breast lift depends on the patient’s desires and demands. The incision is almost usually done at least around the areola. Some procedures may then descend vertically into the breast crease, bend to the side, or include a horizontal incision. In every circumstance, the areola and nipple retain their natural nerve and blood supply.

The skin around the nipple and areola is removed, and the nipple and areola are relocated higher to comply with the new breast position. Finally, stitches are used to close the wounds and tighten the skin.

Recuperation and Free Time

After your breast lift, you will need around one week of recovery time. During this period, you must remain at home and strictly adhere to your surgeon’s care instructions. Additionally, you will need to avoid sports and vigorous activity for several weeks.

Recovery after mastopexy surgery need assistance for the breasts. To assist the healing tissues, it is advised to use a surgical bra without underwire. This expedites the resolution of post-operative edema and bruises. Once the edema has completely subsided, you will be able to see your natural and attractive effects.

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