ThermiVa is a relatively new non invasive treatment which helps rejuvenate the vaginal area. What does that mean? This radio frequency device, called ThermiRF provides controlled tissue heating which helps to shrink loose vaginal and labial tissue, increase vaginal lubrication and thicken weakened collagen bearing tissues. The benefit is a more youthful appearing labia, a tighter vaginal canal with better lubrication, and often improved sensation- all contributing to better sexual satisfaction. Many women with urinary incontinence report improvements in bladder control.

Treatments are administered in a private exam area by a female nurse. A series of three treatments/ each lasting approximately 45 minutes, spaced 1 month apart are recommended for the maximum benefit. The technology works by gently heating tissue in a controlled fashion which causes collagen to tighten and also build up over time. Maintenance treatments after a year may be beneficial.

So who benefits?

Women experiencing vaginal laxity and a loose rubbing sensation in the labial area- often a result of childbearing, aging and menopause.

Women unhappy with the external appearance of the labia- whether naked or in tight clothing.

Women experiencing sexual dysfunction or orgasmic problems. Women with urinary leakage. Women with problems with vaginal dryness. So why does a plastic surgeon provide these services? Quite frankly, the device which has a radio frequency generator as the producer of the controlled heat appealed to me because of its multipurpose applications providing rejuvenation of the skin. ThermiSmooth is a non invasive probe which helps to reduce fine line wrinkles around the eyes , face and mouth. These treatments are performed by our estheticians and require 4 or more painless sessions to see a maximal effect. The other feature is ThermiTight which is minimally invasive (requiring small needles and numbing medication) utilizes a small probe under the skin  to internally heat tissues such as the neck, abdomen, arms and knees. This treats areas that we really don’t have good surgical remedies for or are not severe enough to warrant an operation. They are performed by the surgeon. The ThermiVa was a bit of an afterthought. It is another attachment to the base device which I originally thought interested, but not applicable to my practice. But after discovering the success that other plastic surgeons and other users were having in improving women’s lives, I felt that it was a natural fit. Over 80% of our patient’s are women. Many of them suffer from these problems. Additionally, we frequently perform “mommy makeovers” which surgically addresses sagging breasts and tummies after childbirth or aging. We also perform labioplasties to correct excessive or stretched labia minora.  So why not provide similar solutions to a women’s intimate areas?

Providing positive outcomes in improving feminine wellness – in all areas- physical and psychological is a goal of our practice. The ThermiRF system is a useful tool towards achieving that goal for our patients