The term mommy makeover generally refers to body contouring surgery directed at the unfavorable effects that childbearing can have on a women’s body. It usually entails some Breast surgery. Often it is Breast augmentation to correct a condition called involutional hypoplasia when hormonal changes during pregnancy- even if a mother didn’t breastfeed- cause permanent loss of volume of the Breast gland. Women lament that their breasts look half their normal size which is particularly cruel since they looked pretty good during pregnancy! In addition, the Breast tissues can sag to the point that the nipple falls below the lower crease of the breast- a condition called ptosis. Correction requires a Breast lift or mastopexy- sometimes along with an implant.

Less commonly, Breast reduction is necessary either for pre-existing enlarged breasts now made worse by pregnancyand weight gain or post partum macromastia or Breast enlargement.

The tummy suffers as well with stretch marks, loose tissue of the lower abdomen and separation of the muscle- called diastasis rectus. The worse cases require an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. Lesser procedures such as mini- abdominplasty, liposuction or non invasive treatments might be necessary.

Many of these changes occur regardless of childbearing status and may result from natural aging, weight loss or even genetic predisposition. So although many women seek Mommy Makeovers after childbirth, it is not necessarily just from the changes of the post partum status. Also- many women wait until their 40’s or even 50’s to have the procedure- long after their children are calling them “mommy”! It is never too late!