While breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures for women; a large number of women seek to do the opposite and reduce their breast size. The excess weight of large sagging breasts causes chronic aches and pains especially in the neck, upper back and shoulders. Women seeking breast reduction surgery often must wear heavy restrictive support bras, suffer rashes under their breasts and develop deep grooves in their shoulder area from bra straps. Many women have difficulty maintaining a healthy lifestyle as their large breasts make it more difficult to exercise not only from the discomfort of the heavy breasts but also the embarrassment of their appearance in athletic gear.

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The good news is that breast reduction surgery is extremely successful in alleviating back and neck pain, improving posture and self-esteem and allowing more comfort in exercise. In fact, we have seen many women find losing additional weight easier with the reduced burden of large breasts.

At Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center, our insurance specialists, Becky and Amy, are expert in helping potential breast reduction candidates in gathering the right information from their referring physician to allow insurance to cover the majority of the costs of the operation. Requirements include documentation of your neck, back and shoulder pain, rashes under the breasts, interference with your lifestyle as well as evidence that you are taking measures to alleviate these problems without resolution. These measures includes: using anti-inflammatories for pain, use of support bras, treatment with physical therapy or chiropractic manipulation, use of creams to help with rashes and efforts to lose weight.

Realistically, none of these measures suffice to reduce the symptoms of large breasts in the long term. That comes with breast reduction also known as reduction mammoplasty. This is the surgical procedure that treats macromastia  (enlarged breasts) the procedure removes excess skin and breast tissue, preserving the nipple and positioning it higher on the breast mound . So…more good news! A breast reduction includes a breast lift! The tailoring of the skin results in a smaller, perkier breast that is much more comfortable, allows better clothing fit and easier exercise The procedure can be performed as an outpatient or with an overnight stay at a hospital. We do these at our ambulatory surgery center under the care of  our board certified anesthesiologist. It is a very safe operation with very few complications. Time out from work ranges from 2-4 weeks and recovery is usually very well tolerated.

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