male breast reductionGynecomastia is a prevalent disorder that affects nearly half of all men. Excessive male breast tissue develops as a result of this condition. If you have gynecomastia and are self-conscious about it, a male breast reduction treatment may be beneficial to you.

After male breast reduction, as with any surgery, there is a healing period during which you must avoid intense exercise. The exact time frame for resuming exercise varies from patient to patient and is determined by a number of factors.

While some guys can return to their normal activities in as little as a few weeks, others will need longer time to heal before they can work out again. Dr. Hyde will keep a close eye on your rehabilitation and let you know when you can resume your regular exercise program. The following tips, however, will give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to exercising out after gynecomastia surgery.


It is recommended that you continue gentle walking as soon as you are able. This will aid normal blood flow while also lowering the chance of blood clots. You should limit your activity to light walking for the first week or two after your surgery. We will let you know when you can resume your normal activities, such as going back to work. You should be able to return to work in 1-2 weeks in most cases.

You can  progressively increase your workout efforts as you begin to heal. During this early stage of your recovery, though, you will need to be patient. Resuming your workout regimen before you’ve fully recovered can have a negative impact on your results and put you at risk for issues.


Working out and leading an active lifestyle are two of the most efficient strategies to keep your gynecomastia surgery results. Once  male breast reduction patients have recovered sufficiently, we encourage them them to exercise regularly.

After about a month, you should be able to resume exercising. Returning to the gym will require you to limit your workout to aerobic exercises and other activities that do not obstruct the healing process. It’s critical that you don’t do any chest or arm exercises until you’ve fully recovered.

When you’re cleared to restart chest and arm exercises, start with machines rather than free weights.  Machines provide you a more controlled workout, lowering the risk of damage. You will be able to include free weights back into your workout regimen after your strength has restored to pre-surgery levels.

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