The choice to get breast augmentation is a big decision! This can be a exciting time with the changes that are on coming your way!

Breast augmentation is typically a quick and smooth process. This being said, you will need recovery time before you can go out on the town and show off your new curves. Our patients at Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center can usually return to work within a week. It is however important to focus on taking care of yourself. Expect to be sore and moving slowly the first few days.

It is important to follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery to avoid complications and ensure your beautiful results. Tasks that you can normally accomplish with ease may be a little challenging during your recovery time, but this is also temporary. Thankfully there are easy steps you can take to prepare your family, house and even your  wardrobe for a relaxing and easy recovery.


First, prepare your Family and Friends

All patients should have a minimum of one trusted adult for assistance on the day of the surgery and 24 hours after. You will need someone to drive you to and from the surgery and assist you getting in and out of the car. Someone should stay with you the first 24 to 48 hours. Grogginess and other anesthesia effects are normal, but should be monitored. This trusted individual can be anyone from a spouse to a close friend. If no one is available at the time or you would like to keep your surgery private,  consider hiring a nurse for a few days.

If you have young children in your house, explain to them that you will not be able to pick them up for a little while, but you can give them soft hugs and snuggles on the sofa.

You will need to schedule full time childcare for a few days if you do have children. Also consider help for a few more weeks after that. This is due to the fact that you are not suppose to lift anything over ten pounds. This could lead to straining your incisions and possibly stretching your scars. Once again explain to your children why you are not able to pick them up. It is a good idea to hand over the tasks of feeding, bathing, dressing, and getting your kids off to school to your chosen trusted individual.

Your furry family members should not be forgotten during this time. You should avoid things like walking the dog in case they pull on the leash or bending to scoop your cats litter box. This will ensure your healing results. It is okay to pet them and even let your cat sleep in your lap. This may be a great time to involve your children in pet care and have them feel like they are a important part of your recovery process.

Create a Comfortable Area for Recovery 

After your breast augmentation, for several weeks you will need a place to sleep and rest on your back with your head and shoulders slightly elevated. This will help avoid straining your incisions, squashing your implants and ease pressure from post-op surgery.

Your lounge may be your bed with pillows arranged to prop up your head, shoulders, back and arms. It could be a comfy recliner with a functioning “up/down” bar. Have some sort of table surface near by to have books, drinks, and or needed items for easy reach.

It is best to pick a room with easy access to a lamp or lightswitch so you do not have stumble around in the dark. Also easy access to temperature control of your environment.

To minimize the risk of blood clots or getting stiff, you should get up to walk around a bit at different intervals. Consider moving large cumbersome items from your recovery area before your surgery.

You’ll need a place to rest that:

Easy to get in and out of without straining your arms

Allows you to move your legs, you don’t want to be pinned in

Does not run the risk of rolling over onto your chest if you fall asleep

Food Prep

After surgery, it will help you heal faster and feel better if you eat healthy food. You can make it easy by prepping  meals ahead of time. Freeze dishes that are easy to reheat before your procedure date.  When eating nutrious foods think veggies, fruits, whole grains, and proteins. Remember to prep ahead of time or have someone cook for you. If assigning meal prep to a friend or family member, do them a favor and get the foods and ingredients you enjoy ahead of time. You may want to avoid take-out. Even though there are healthy options, the costs can add up and you will not be able to pick up the food for at least the first few days. Driving is prohibited while you are taking prescription pain meds.

Place Necessaries at Waist Height 

Make things easy for yourself by placing things like your toothbrush, skin care products, dishes, etc in easily accessible locations and at waist height.  Lifting and straining aren’t allowed for several weeks. You may not have full range of motion with your arms.

Take into consideration anything that may make you bend or strain. Have a chair next to where you put your shoes on, purchase a grabber to pick up objects off the floor etc.

Shop for a few Button-up Tops and other Front-closing Clothes 

After having a breast augmentation things like pulling a sweater over your head or zippering up a dress can be very challenging the first few days. Having a few articles of clothing (sweaters, pjs, button-up tops) on hand that open and close from the front can make things a lot less strenuous and help avoid straining incisions.

Don’t forget about your bras. Before you buy a bra for after breast augmentation, talk to your cosmetic surgeon. They will be able to give you advice on what size and features to look for. In general you will need to wear a soft supportive bra for several weeks. Front-close sports bras may be a good choice.

It is never to soon to start preparing for your breast augmentation, whether you have your date set or not. If you have any questions please give us a call at 919-872-2616We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have. You may also schedule a personal consultation.