2014 Top Five Cosmetic Surgery Procedures


The latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that Breast Augmentation continues to rank as the #1 cosmetic procedure performed in 2014. Over 286,000 women underwent breast enhancement outranking liposuction which was second with 210,000 procedures. If you add breast lifts, cosmetic breast reduction and fat transfer, cosmetic breast surgery accounted for over  430,000 procedures.

Breast Augmentation is most commonly performed in late winter and early spring in preparation for the summer months when swimwear and skimpier clothing is the norm. We now have a much wider array of implant choices now including anatomically shaped gel implants as well as whole range of round implants with varying dimensions to best suit each women’s unique needs. Our facility offers MD anesthesia in a safe fully accredited operating room. Call now to schedules consultation ad learn more about this popular procedure.

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