Frequently, a breast augmentation can have a profound effect on one’s self esteem. Less often, the entire appearance of the chest can be dramatically altered by enhancement alone. For example, this patient,  a 40 year old woman , who recently divorced, felt quite misshaped after losing 60 pounds via diet and exercise . She felt very unattractive. The weight loss left her feeling healthier but unveiled her prominent ribs and very small breasts. She felt  ugly and is if she was “all nipple”.


A breast augmentation with 400cc, high profile, silicone gel, breast implants left her feeling much more “normal” and hid some of her chest deformities. She gained a little weight back and now is very pleased with her chest appearance. There is still some asymmetry of the right breast because of chest wall anatomy but this is of no concern to her. No longer self conscious, she returned to the dating scene, much more confident with herself.



Another patient had very low set breasts that felt “deflated” after the birth of her second child. Clothes looked terrible on her and she felt very self conscious in a bathing suit at the pool with her kids.She wanted to avoid a lift and the associated scars. A submammary silicone gel breast implant of 350cc made a significant improvement. She felt much better with her clothing fit and was happy with the restored fullness. By summer, she was back at the pool with a two piece, no longer embarrassed.

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