As a candidate for body contouring, it is only natural to be apprehensive about the outcome of your treatment, particularly its duration. Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center makes a point of meeting with each patient to discuss what to expect following surgery and how to maintain outcomes over time. Here are some of the guidelines he offers with his patients seeking body contouring.

Adhere to Your Surgeon’s Directions

It is critical to follow your surgeon’s post-operative recommendations. You will be provided with a list of instructions and limits to adhere to in the weeks and months after your surgery. These recommendations are intended to facilitate healing while minimizing the risk of problems that could jeopardize your overall surgery outcome.

Defer Surgery Until After You Have Completed Your Childbearing

One of the most effective strategies for ensuring long-lasting benefits is to postpone surgery until after you have finished having children. By stretching out the abdominal skin and muscles, pregnancy might “undo” some of the benefits of surgeries such as tummy tuck. Ideally, you should avoid pregnancy following body sculpting.

Consume a Healthy Diet

Although body shaping procedures such as liposuction destroy undesirable fat cells permanently, they do not prevent weight gain. Patients who keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain their weight following body contouring surgery have the longest-lasting improvements.

Consuming a nutritious, well-balanced diet is critical for weight maintenance. Eliminating processed meals and replacing them with lean protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains satisfies your body and helps you avoid overeating. Additionally, it is critical to stay hydrated during the day by drinking plenty of water (not soda or energy drinks).

Exercise on a regular basis

The other crucial component of weight maintenance is regular movement and activity. Of course, you should not resume your normal schedule until you have been approved to exercise.

In general, aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise three times a week, but this can be adjusted according to your current level of activity. Exercise does not have to involve running or lifting heavy weights; there are other enjoyable ways to exercise, such as dance-based exercises, swimming, or cycling.

Adhere to a Healthy Lifestyle

Consuming a nutritious diet and exercising on a regular basis are two critical components of avoiding weight gain. Additional habits that help prevent weight gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle include the following:

  • refraining from smoking
  • abstaining from excessive drinking
  • obtaining sufficient sleep
  • reducing sources of stress

If you gain weight, the fat cells removed after liposuction or CoolSculpting will not regenerate, but the fat cells remaining in the treated area (and other places of your body) may increase. This can have a detrimental influence on the results of your body sculpting procedure.

To learn more about how to maintain your body contouring results in the long term, contact Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center now.