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The physicians at Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center specialize in the Clear + Brilliant procedure in Raleigh, Cary and surrounding areas of North Carolina.

As you get older, your skin loses its youthful, fresh appearance; giving you a more tired and aged appearance. Creams and lotions are growing in popularity, but rarely do they deliver on their promises to give you healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. Clear + Brilliant is a safe, non-invasive fractional laser treatment that helps your skin correct the signs of aging through the body’s natural processes. Unlike topical treatments, Clear + Brilliant works from the inside out to improve your complexion.

Am I a Good Candidate for Clear + Brilliant in Raleigh?

Clear + Brilliant is an effective treatment for patients of any age. Younger patients are able to correct damage from the sun and other environmental factors before their skin develops wrinkles and deep creases. Clear + Brilliant is also effective for patients who have early signs of aging.

How is the Clear + Brilliant Procedure in Raleigh Performed?

Clear + Brilliant is a non-invasive procedure that uses laser energy to improve your skin tone, texture and glow. Typically, your appointment takes one hour, but the procedure only takes about 20 minutes. Your physician applies a topical anesthesia to help you remain comfortable during the procedure. The laser energy is applied to the treatment area in short bursts. If you feel any discomfort during your procedure, ice or cooling packs may be applied to the treatment area. Some patients need four to six treatments for best results.

What Can I Expect After the Clear + Brilliant Procedure in Raleigh?

You may return to your normal activities immediately after your Clear + Brilliant procedure. The treatment area may have mild redness that should resolve within three hours. Some patients report immediate results after their Clear + Brilliant treatments. Your skin continues to improve over the next three days. Your skin feels softer and has an even tone and a radiant, healthy glow. The results of your Clear + Brilliant treatment typically lasts up to three months with proper care. Your physician provides you with post-treatment instructions to promote long-lasting results.

How Much Does the Clear + Brilliant Procedure in Raleigh Cost?

Your physician will discuss your Clear + Brilliant treatment plan, costs and financing options with you during your consultation appointment. The costs are determined by the overall condition of your skin, and the number of treatments required. To learn more about our financing policies, refer to the patient financing page.[/av_textblock] [/av_two_third]

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