During the week of Sept 12 through 16, Drs High and Lyle are once again offering a “Botox Special” . Regularly $12/ unit, we only charge $10/unit during this week. The average patient saves $50 with savings of over $100 achieved with higher amounts. Fillers such as Juviderm or Restylene are also $50 off the first tube.
I have always found Botox among the most effective and efficient beautifying treatment that we offer. It is amazing how a small amount of this product can confer dramatic age defying effects. It is most effective in improving forehead and frown line wrinkles as well as crow’s feet but has other uses – when dosed properly on improving under the eyes and around the mouth. Diluting this agent- so called microBotox can be administered more superficially in some areas to improve fine line wrinkles and skin tone. At Raleigh Plastic Surgery Center, Dr High and Lyle administer the Botox and fillers personally. There is no “one size fits all”. Treatments have to be individualized and special attention is made to avoid looking “overly done”.
Appointments are going fast so call 919-872-2616 to set up a treatment.