How Would Barbie Look with Real-Woman Proportions? 

by Rhett High, MD & W. Glenn Lyle, MD

Life in plastic might be fantastic for Barbie, but it’s not realistic: In fact, it is widely known that the doll’s proportions are ridiculously unachievable for real people.  Unfortunately, there are some individuals seeking plastic surgery who have unrealistic expectations.

Barbie Doll

Let’s talk about patient expectations or why somebody is seeking cosmetic surgery to make a physical change.   As Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, we evaluate patients on several levels.  Patients with a good mental attitude, including healthy motivation are generally appropriate candidates for cosmetic procedures.

Conversely, those with unrealistic expectations do not make good surgical candidates and we can look to such celebrities as Bruce Jenner and the deceased, Michael Jackson, to see why.   These types of individuals tend to frequently be dissatisfied with their results, and continue to have procedure after procedure performed with unattainable goals.

A patient having surgery – thinking it will save a personal relationship is never a good idea.  Cosmetic surgery should not be done for someone else.  The ideal motivation is driven by an internal sensitivity about a real physical feature, such as a hump on a nose, facial aging, or body changes which result after having children.

Thus, healthy motivation and realistic expectations are the key factors in women and men considering aesthetic surgery.  We find that healthy patients with appropriate motivation and realistic expectations make the happiest and most satisfied patients in our plastic surgery practice.


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