Avoiding the Plastic Surgery Nightmares

Experienced by Certain Celebrities

by Rhett High, M.D. & W. Glenn Lyle, M.D.

Kim Novak

Kim Novak appearing at the 2014 Academy Awards

The signs of aging have been creeping up for years — marionette lines around the mouth, under-eye pouches, the dreaded neck wattle just like the one grandma had. So you have decided to pursue a more youthful, vibrant appearance.   But in today’s cosmetic surgery marketplace where a variety of doctors perform procedures, beware of the nightmares and pitfalls that even wealthy, famous celebrities experience.

Often, when tuning into some of TV’s star-studded awards shows, we see once beautiful and familiar faces that are now lumpy, puffy, frozen, barely even recognizable.  Take, for example, the recent Academy Awards, when the appearances of Kim Novak and John Travolta generated lots of negative tweets and morning-after buzz. And why did Priscilla Presley have silicone injections in her face when it’s not even approved by the FDA in this country?  We can only speculate, but it appears some celebrities lose sight of their starting point. They keep making changes, little by little, (ie: Joan Rivers).

Priscilla Presley

Priscilla Presley

The first step in avoiding similar pitfalls is to consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  (Don’t be fooled – this means certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery). We not only have the training and experience to create a more natural facial rejuvenation which is minimally detectable, but we are also committed to helping our patients avoid unrealistic expectations.   It is often more important to know when to say “no” as it is to recommend a particular procedure.   Many of these celebrities are looking for a quick fix when subtle, more natural improvements are a better strategy.   We believe that the key to providing excellent care is to offer proven and time tested procedures with realistic expectations of recovery times and results.  Poor results can occur with any provider – but doing our research and selecting well trained surgeons with immaculate credentials, a good bedside manner and a proven track record will afford you a chance to achieve the desired result.

We also offer non-invasive procedures such as Botox, or fillers, which can make a huge improvement in your appearance without surgery.  Rather than face a nightmare, there are now many opportunities available to realize your dream of a more “natural” youthful, vibrant appearance.


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