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Botox Week

By | September 7th, 2016|ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

During the week of Sept 12 through 16, Drs High and Lyle are once again offering a "Botox Special" . Regularly $12/ unit, we only charge $10/unit during this week. The average patient saves $50 with savings of over $100 [...]

Turkey neck

By | August 15th, 2016|ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

Perhaps the most frequent complaint of women and men concerning their face is actually the appearance of their neck. The severity of which depends on age, body weight and often genetics. We often hear patients tell us "I inherited my [...]

Mommy Makeover is not just for Moms!

By | February 16th, 2016|ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

The term mommy makeover generally refers to body contouring surgery directed at the unfavorable effects that childbearing can have on a women's body. It usually entails some Breast surgery. Often it is Breast augmentation to correct a condition called involutional [...]

Why ThermiVa?

By | January 18th, 2016|ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

ThermiVa is a relatively new non invasive treatment which helps rejuvenate the vaginal area. What does that mean? This radio frequency device, called ThermiRF provides controlled tissue heating which helps to shrink loose vaginal and labial tissue, increase vaginal lubrication [...]

Love your Lips with Silk

By | April 9th, 2015|Celebrity, Facial Rejuvenation, Fillers, Injectables, News, ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

Ah, to have those perfect, smooth, hydrated, kissable lips is every woman’s dream. Whether we long for a Megan Fox worthy pucker or Angelina Jolie’s volume, lip augmentation is a common but scary thought.   “What if I don’t look natural?” [...]

Cosmetic Surgeries Can Boost Your Mental Health

By | September 25th, 2014|ThermiVA, ThermiRF|

Body contouring cosmetic surgeries present the obvious physical improvements. Patients of tummy tucks, breast reductions, liposuction, and other surgeries love the changes to their body. Their stomachs are flatter with less skin; their thighs and back may be contoured from [...]

BRA Day 2014 is this October 15th!

By | September 17th, 2014|News, ThermiVA, ThermiRF|


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